‘Hiya’ there from London!


This term, I decided to start a blog to keep my friends and family updated on my year abroad. Thanks to the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship, I’m living in London to do a graduate program in Migration, Mobility and Development at SOAS, University of London. My time here thus far has been full of adventures. I’ll try to do a quick review of the past term, and will hopefully be posting more often in the future about what I’m up to!

In review:

I’m living in a great flat near these totally lame, not-at-all-noteworthy landmarks:

Background: Tower Bridge, Foreground: Tower of London
Not a bad view, eh?

I’m attending classes at this lovely university:

…I really need to get a better picture. But that’s me on my first visit to campus. That picture was taken in June. Yeah, it’s kinda cold here. Anyway, SOAS has a wonderful  migration program (ahem, programme). I’ll write more about my studies in another post!

I hosted many good friends who came to visit, and am becoming a pro-tour guide, if I do say so myself. Here’s one of my friend Alex and me in front of the Houses of Parliament and good ole Big Ben (did you know, this nickname really refers to the bell inside the tower, not just the tower itself?). Learnin’ so much in grad school.

And my friend Sarah and me nerdin’ it up in King’s Cross:

Apart from exploring the UK, I also got to take side trips to Paris and Prague.

View from the sweet Airbnb apartment in Paris

Prague- Charles Bridge

I have also enjoyed spending time with my host club, the Rotary Club of Hatfield. I have gotten to join in on a few of their charity events. I had the most fun when I got to dress up in costume and talk to kids who were ridiculously excited about seeing Santa (ahem, Father Christmas)…

Being an elf at the Frost Fair in Hatfield, England. Re-thinking if my dignity is worth posting this. It is.

All in all, it was a great first term and I look forward to what the next will bring!